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Meet our 20 Faces of cosnova

20 years have passed since the foundation of cosnova and we look back on an incredible success story: What started in a dining room with 2 employees is now a global family business with around 700 employees - and we continue to grow. 

To celebrate 20 years of cosnova also means to celebrate all cosnovas! Therefore we have nominated “20 Faces of cosnova” representing all employees and reflecting our diversity in terms of departments, roles, countries, brands, positions, ages, cultures, working models - as diverse as cosnova. 

Besides their overwhelming passion, creativity and innovation spirit, they are truly dedicated with our brands and committed to the culture that makes us cosnova. Some of them since a long time, some have just started - but all united under our mission to „make everyone feel more beautiful”!


“My highlight is definitely that we will be climate neutral this year!”

What news! Our Corporate Responsibility Expert Maximilian Peters, one of our 20 Faces of cosnova, has pushed this initiative forward and we are very proud that we can declare climate neutrality for cosnova.

Clearly, this goal has been a personal highlight for Max. Find out here, which other initiative is very important to him, and which was his best cosnova party.


During the last two decades, we did not only follow #trends – we also set them. Two departments are essential for this: our trend experts from the innovation department, who research the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food and interior design – and the ones who turn these trends into cool new products with great attention to detail and love for new ideas: our product managers.
One of our product managers at the essence Trend Edition team is Larissa Bechtloff – one of our 20 Faces of cosnova whom we would like to introduce in order to celebrate our 20th anniversary. 🎉
Larissa's journey in product management for cosnova began five years ago for the brand L.O.V. and since 2019 she is part of the essence Trend Edition Unit. She is responsible for the conception, development, coordination and design of the limited collections which combine products from different categories – e.g. eyes, lips, face, nails and also make up related accessories. All of this is created under a specific theme inspired by trends, seasonal factors or special occasions like our essence make beauty fun Trend Edition in honor of the 20th #anniversary of cosnova and it’s beauty brand essence. From the vision to the retail launch in about nine months.
For Larissa, Make-up helps you to discover who you are and who you want to be. Click here if you want to find out more about her motivation for creating beauty products every day.

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Meet Nadine Langen, our General Manager of the subsidiary in Milan, Italy.

Nadine has been with us since 2012 and has since then gone through very different stages, each with its own unique challenges: Starting as Brand Manager at CATRICE, to the development and positioning of a completely new brand L.O.V as Director, to General Manager in Italy.

In between, she took a sabbatical of 6 months and travelled the world. Always with her? Mascara!

Find out in this video why she went to Italy, what her biggest challenges were and what to expect when you join cosnova Italy.


Meet Tatiana Zara, Junior Regional Marketing Manager. 

At our headquarters in Sulzbach, Germany, we develop the ranges for our essence and CATRICE brands that are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. In order for consumers all over the world to be equally attracted to our products, we need employees with a special understanding of communication and assortments in different countries and different cultures.

Tatiana has been part of the colourful cosnova world for 4 years and takes care of the localization of our brand and product communication in various markets. Whether it's South Africa, the MENA or LATAM region, Europe or Asia – she and her team adapt our campaigns to the regional market characteristics like specific beauty needs and preferences of our consumers. A good example of this is our regional essence Magical Eyes gift set, which was produced especially for the occasion of Ramadan.

Find out what’s driving her at cosnova every day…



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Allow us to introduce: Christine Fink, Director People & Organization!

Christine’s journey started in 2004, being only the 16th employee of the company: From Process- & Project management to the Logistics department to being Director of People & Organisation.  She knows cosnova from the ground up!

During her past 18 years at cosnova, she has experienced record sales figures, many internal changes, wonderful people and great “cosnova-typical” parties.

Find out here whether you have to wear make-up when you come to us, what makes the cosnova culture so special and whether it’s possible to be in a leading position while working part-time.


May we present: Kristin (Murphy) Jaskolka.
As part of our "20 Faces of cosnova" series, we are very happy to introduce to you our Director of the brand essence. Kristin works together in a tandem leadership with Isabelle Tambue, shaping the global look and feel of the brand. 
Together with their team, they have played a key role in continuously evolving essence and making it so successful.
Always at the centre of attention? The consumer. “I love touching consumers with our brand and communicating with them in various ways, finding out what their needs are. And I Iove the experimentation that we do with essence trying so many new things every day.”
Find out in this video what her first impression at cosnova was and what female empowerment means to her nowadays.


At cosnova, our innovation hub looks into the crystal ball and predicts the beauty trends of the day after tomorrow. What is beauty going to look like three or five years from now?
This question is answered by Asita Morgan, Head of Innovation Lab, and one of our 20 Faces of cosnova. Asita and her team set the impulses for new products that enrich the lives of our consumers in many ways. Ten years ago, Asita started her career at cosnova when our company counted around 160 employees. First, she was part of our PR team and helped to enter new markets around the globe. This also included moving to New York for some years, a place dear to Asita´s heart.
Moving back to Germany was the starting point for the Innovation Lab. Her time abroad and the experiences she gained there were also a decisive factor for focusing more on looking at beauty in the long term.

Besides being Head of the Inno Lab at cosnova, Asita is Female Founder and owner of the beautiful concept store Philokalist in Frankfurt. 💕 In 2019 she has reduced her working hours to 50% at cosnova in order to pursue both career paths and has thus created the best possible working conditions as an example for flexible working models also in leading positions. Find out what Asita loves about her ever-changing job at cosnova.

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