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Unbedenklichkeit unserer Produkte

Unser Ziel: Unbedenkliche Inhaltsstoffe in den Bereichen Gesundheit, Umwelt und soziale Verantwortung.

Seit unserer Gründung sagen wir klar Nein zu Tierversuchen. Aber wir wollen mehr: Wir möchten unsere Produkte nachhaltiger entwickeln in den Bereichen Umwelt, Gesundheit und soziale Verantwortung.

Dabei sind uns drei Themen besonders wichtig:

1. Ein nachhaltiges Rohstoffportfolio:

Nachhaltige Inhaltsstoffe, Vermeidung von Mikroplastikpartikeln,Nachhaltiges Palmöl und Clean Beauty

2. Tierwohl und vegane Produkte:

100% ohne Tierversuche

3. Transparenz der Rohstoffe und Lieferketten:

Volle Rohstoff-Transparenz

Our values
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100 % cruelty free

cosnova stands for safe cosmetics without animal testing - and has done so consistently since our founding in 2001.

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Transparency in the mica supply chain

Many of our beauty products not only make our customers shine, they also shimmer themselves.

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Clean Beauty

We care about the well-being of people and the environment.

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Sustainable ingredients

The health of our customers is our top priority.

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Avoidance of microplastics

Microplastic particles are tiny plastic particles that are barely visible to the naked eye. They are still a component of numerous beauty products.

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Raw material transparency

We want to offer everyone beautiful and, above all, safe beauty products.

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Sustainable palm oil

In the last ten years, the global demand for palm oil has palm oil has risen sharply.

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Sustainability Report Strategy & Products

With our first Sustainability Report 2018, we provide information on the improvements we have already achieved on our path. To make the 60-page report more reader-friendly, we have also developed a 15-page short version.

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