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Avoidance of microplastic particles

Microplastic particles are tiny plastic elements that are hardly visible to the bare eye. They are still a component of numerous beauty products.

About half of these particles enter the environment via the sewage system and remain there for a long time. It' true that cosmetic products only account for between 0.1 and 4 percent of the total volume. But every single particle is one too many for us.


Why are microplastic particles even necessary?

In the past, microplastic particles were often and readily used in cosmetics products because they are so versatile: they can mattify, give the skin a soft feel, make the product more durable and much more. And because the tiny particles are such multi-talents, we have to come up with innovative concepts to replace them.


Our goal: 100% free of microplastic particles

We think it is time for a real change. Since the beginning of 2020, we no longer include microplastic particles in the development of new products. We are working step by step to eliminate microplastic particles from our entire range by 03/2023 – while maintaining the same quality, of course.



That's what all our products will be in future. And along the way, you will find this claim on all products that are already free of solid plastic particles today.


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