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How does our rawmaterial analysis work?

All cosnova products undergo a legally stipulated safety assessment and are safe for their intended use.

Our raw material analysis

In addition, we carefully assess all of our raw materials for health, environmental and social aspects in the supply chain. This is done by our sustainability department, which evaluates each substance according to a traffic light system. We have now assessed more than 1600 substances. The aim is to improve our entire product range holistically and make it sustainable. In our evaluation, we follow the "hazard principle" and assess the fundamental danger that can be caused by a substance, regardless of how and where it is used.

This is why we may ban substances even if they have been deemed safe according to the safety assessment and can be used without problems.

Substances that are rated green can still be used for all products. We take a closer look at substances in the yellow category, prioritize them according to their importance and develop strategies on how we want to deal with them in future. Substances in the red category should no longer be used and find their way onto our banned lists.

In short: For every substance, we ask ourselves whether we really need it and whether we want it on our skin or in the environment with all its advantages and disadvantages.