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The well-being of people and the environment is very important to us.

That is why to us, Clean Beauty means that our products are free of ingredients that can be problematic for your health and the environment. Because both we and the environment must remain healthy. And that is exactly what we are working on every day.


  • Laureen Bedrunka, Brand Manager CATRICE

    „Our definition of Clean Beauty is strict. It challenges us. We want to make a real difference – not empty promises.“

    Laureen Bedrunka, Brand Manager CATRICE

All products with our Clean Beauty Label

  • contain completely harmless/uncritical ingredients
  • avoid animal components as far as possible
  • have a high proportion of natural substances and the shortest possible list of ingredients
  • support sustainable cultivation of palm oil and its derivatives where palm oil is contained


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Is even more possible?

We are even more strict with our Clean Beauty Plus products like the Clean ID range by CATRICE. Products with the Clean Beauty Plus Label

  • are 100% vegan
  • have a significantly shorter list of ingredients

Of course, we're not perfect. But that's not what sustainability is about – it's about getting started and taking steps in the right direction.



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Banned list

We want to offer everyone beautiful and, above all, safe beauty products. That is why, in addition to the legal requirements, we test all our raw materials according to further internal criteria.

Clean Beauty

10 questions - We answer

In this Clean Beauty booklet, we answer what Clean Beauty standards CATRICE applies, dispel myths, and explain what corporate responsibility means to us.