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We think beauty shouldn't be a question of money – and it should be fun! That's why Christina Oster-Daum and Javier González founded cosnova: We develop beauty products of the best possible quality at the lowest possible price. To us, this represents the democratization of beauty. It also means respecting the planet by working in the most sustainable and resource-efficient way possible. To this day, we are a family business characterized by flat hierarchies and fast decision-making processes. Even though we have grown significantly, we still work together hand in hand in pursuit of success – based on trust, with the courage to take risks and the desire to try something new! We all follow the guiding principle of High Performance & People Focus: We put people at the heart of our daily activities, react flexibly to changes, constantly strive to improve and always do our very best. And all of this happens with a lot of joy, energy and mutual support. Just like in a real family.


“We don’t see our employees as resources, but as human beings who have helped us achieve a lot and with whom we still want to achieve a whole lot more. We work together on a basis of courage and trust, successfully changing many things that were once considered the norm in our industry.”

*Christine Fink, Director People & Organization

We will never stop ...
... making the world more beautiful! Teamwork, innovation and passion – that is cosnova! Would you like to become part of our cosnova family? Then apply now!
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Our benefits
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Corporate culture

A corporate culture characterized by mutual recognition, appreciation as well as a strong sense of togetherness is consciously lived out at cosnova. We are a family-run company. Juniors, seniors and directors sit around the table and exchange ideas. You can find details of the values that are significant for us here: Our values

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Comprehensive insurance benefits

We care about our employees. Hence, we offer participation in an attractive company pension plan that goes beyond the statutory requirements. We also take out additional benefits for you, such as private accident insurance, international health insurance, supplementary health insurance and basic cover in the event of occupational disability.

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Training & Development

We support your personal and professional development. Our cosnovAcademy gives you access to online and offline learning opportunities, as well as in-house training, coaching, or individual measures.

Expert knowledge and management responsibility are equally valued at cosnova, thus, a career in both directions is possible.

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Our office

Our offices are open and invite exchange and cooperation. We also desire to make our employees feel comfortable with the design of our rooms. Our teams work in departmental areas and have the opportunity to retreat to co-working spaces, quiet zones, or our library at any time.

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Onboarding and Companion Program

We make your start with us as easy as possible: our onboarding program gives you the perfect introduction to the cosnova world. A colleague (Companion) is at your side and supports you with all your questions.

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Bonus program

We know that we owe the success of our company to our employees. Only together we can achieve our goals. Hence, we also give you a share in the company's success in the form of an annual bonus.

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Working hours

One of our values is: "Trust". Therefore, we trust you and live and breathe trust working hours. We rely on flexible working hours and the possibility to work hybrid from the mobile work: This is possible on up to 3 days a week. At the same time, personal exchange is an essential part of our corporate culture. In addition, you can also work two weeks per year from other European countries within the framework of our "workation" scheme.

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We are a family-friendly company and attach great importance to the compatibility of family and career. Thus, we support you and subsidize childcare. In addition, we currently grant up to five days of special leave in the event of your child's illness.

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Time off for special occasions

We encourage volunteer work and support your heart's project, or a social activity organized by cosnova with two days of special leave.

We certainly also grant special leave for extraordinary occasions (wedding, birth, move, etc.).

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Job ticket

Would you like to leave your car behind today? No worries, we subsidize a job ticket on a monthly or annual basis for comprehensive use in the RMV area, valid from Monday to Sunday and with the attractive option of taking your family or friends with you.

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Wellbeing & Health

We desire you to stay healthy and feel good, no matter what your situation in life might be. You get free access to our in-house gym including professional trainers, individual training plans, on-demand sports classes, and regular health checks. If you are facing a personal challenge, such as caring for family members, we cooperate with PME Family Service - to support you and your family when it matters!

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In your seventh year at cosnova, you can look forward to experiencing four weeks of special paid leave - in addition to your existing annual vacation entitlement of 30 days.

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Corporate Benefits

You get access to numerous benefits: through cooperations such as "corporate benefits" you get hold of exclusive offers.

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Fruit and beverages

Throughout the office building you will find modern kitchens where you can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea, coffee, or even cold drinks - free of charge, of course. Twice a week we are also supplied with fresh fruit for a vitamin boost.

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Your physical well-being is taken care of - in our Lounge you have the possibility to enjoy a varied and fresh lunch. Every day there is a salad buffet and two to three dishes that can be combined. Your healthy lunch is subsidized by cosnova.