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Climate & Environment

The climate crisis and the resulting global warming is one of the key issues of our time.

We accept our responsibility and make our contribution to a more sustainable approach to nature, its resources and the climate.

Every single one of us is responsible for protecting our planet.

We strive to constantly reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions and those of our suppliers. To identify the impact of our actions on the environment and possible levers for improvement, we therefore have our carbon footprint calculated regularly by the climate specialist ClimatePartner. This enables us to determine how many greenhouse gases we emit through our direct and indirect business activities.

We joined the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) in April 2021. Based on the SBTi criteria and science-based targets, we will develop a holistic climate strategy by 2023 at the latest to help reduce global warming.

Our products are a major lever. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, we determine the CO2 emissions of our products from the standard range, starting with essence extreme shine volume lip gloss and the Catrice Glam and Doll range, and we support climate protection projects.

The manufacturing of our products

We do not operate our own factories. Instead, we source our products from selected suppliers. In addition to the ingredients and packaging materials, the production of our products also causes significant CO2 emissions. Therefore, we strive to actively support our suppliers on their path to more sustainable energy performance and the use of green electricity.


The less material we use for our packaging, the more energy and emissions we can save. That's why we have planned very specific improvements for the development of new packaging.

It is also good for the climate and the environment to use recyclates, i.e. plastics that have already had at least one "life" behind them and which – once reprocessed – can be put to new use. Some of our products are already partly packaged using recycled material. The use of recyclates can save up to 80 % energy and 60 % CO2 emissions in the long term.


Our logistics partner, CNL GmbH, has been a member of the Lean and Green program since 2016. As part of this initiative, we have committed ourselves to making the processes in our warehouse more efficient and environmentally friendly.

We are also working on environmentally and climate-friendly concepts for our transport packaging. Our suppliers are required to use the highest possible proportion of recycled and certified materials for their transport packaging.

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Waste disposal

At some point, even the most beautiful eyeliner and lipstick is empty. Our approach is to keep as many valuable packaging raw materials as possible in the recyclable materials cycle. Because the fewer new resources we need, the lower the CO2 emissions are.

Business travel and staff commute

We are an international company, so our employees have to travel frequently. Because this releases a lot of CO2, we have been offsetting 100% of our air travel since 2016. We also want to make a contribution to climate protection in our employees' everyday lives. For example, we reward the choice of environmentally friendly company cars and offer all cosnova employees a job ticket for local public transport.