WWF Germany

Together to protect the oceans

Our earth is drowning in plastic waste. Our oceans, marine biodiversity and the health of the local people are in massive danger due to the lack of regulated waste management systems in many regions of the world. We want to do our part to help curb the flood of plastic and have therefore teamed up with the organisation for nature conservation, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Germany, as a partner for marine protection.

More recycling, more awareness – less waste

Since April 2021, we have been supporting WWF Germany for an initial period of three years in the implementation of model projects to prevent plastic waste in the oceans. The projects are located on the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc, in the Vietnamese province of Long An and off the Thai island of Koh Libong. In these regions, the lack of recycling structures, heavy tourism and flooding contribute to the deposited waste entering the sea via the rivers, thus threatening the marine biodiversity and the health of the local people.

Together with representatives of local environmental authorities, companies and private individuals, WWF Germany implements targeted measures and information campaigns to substantially reduce single-use plastic waste and to develop an appropriate waste management system.

With this partnership, we want to honour our responsibility towards the protection of our oceans and future generations. Because even with the greatest possible recyclability of our packaging – which we are continuously working on – this is of little use in regions with overstretched waste management systems.

Partner for marine conservation – and beyond

In addition to our collaboration on the projects in Southeast Asia, we also highly appreciate WWF Germany as an experienced sparring partner that provides advice and challenges us.

WWF Germany has therefore been accompanying us on our journey towards achieving our goal of offering the complete range of our CATRICE and essence brands 100% free of microplastic particles. Since the beginning of 2020, products that are launched on the market for the first time no longer contain any microplastic particles, and since March 2023 all of our product range is completely free of microplastic particles.

Furthermore, WWF Germany is supporting us in developing and expanding our strategies to reduce packaging material and make our packaging more recyclable. Since 2020, we have increasingly relied on recycled plastic for our product packaging, the inserts of our beauty shops and our transport packaging. As a member of the Recyclate Forum, we are also working with other consumer goods manufacturers to establish an industry-wide recyclate standard to increase the quality and use of recycled plastic in beauty packaging. By 2025, we aim to:

  • use up to 30% less material for our packaging and trade marketing materials
  • design up to 75% of our packaging and trade marketing materials to be recyclable
  • use recycled or renewable materials for at least 50% of our packaging and trade marketing materials

Our goal: Zero Waste

Last but not least, we have committed to developing a holistic, science-based climate strategy during the course of our partnership with WWF Germany, with the goal of keeping global warming at a minimum of below two degrees Celsius, ideally even 1.5 degrees. To do this, we have joined the Science Based Targets initiative.