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Sustainable palm oil protects the rainforest

The global demand for palm oil has risen sharply over the past ten years.

This natural product is versatile and relatively cheap, which is precisely where the problem lies: since oil palms only grow in tropical climates, the rainforest is often destroyed to make way for new fields. This endangers the ecosystem and significantly contributes to the extinction of some species.


We accept our responsibility

We also use palm oil in some of our products. Even though the proportion of ingredients containing palm oil in our product portfolio is relatively small at less than 13 percent and we use less than 0.1 percent pure palm oil / palm kernel oil, we are aware of our responsibility and want to help protect the nature of the rainforest.


Why doesn’t cosnova just stop using palm oil?

Since most of the raw materials for beauty products are plant-based, we would have to use other vegetable oils. But this would not solve the problems in the cultivating countries. In fact, it would often make them worse: coconut or soybean oil, for example, have a much lower yield. Their cultivation would require even more agricultural land, emit more CO2 and pose an even greater threat to rainforest habitats.

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Compensation promotes sustainable cultivation

That's why cosnova, as a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), supports the sustainable cultivation of palm oil. Since 2018, we have been fully compensating the quantity of palm oil, palm kernel oil and their derivates that we use by purchasing RSPO credits. For every ton of conventionally produced palm oil, the same amount of sustainable cultivation is thus promoted. Since 2020, we have been fully compensating the quantities we use through RSPO credits from independent smallholder farmers and we purchased a total of 387 credits.


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