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Waste is a valuable Recycling Material

Each of our beauty products has a unique packaging that protects the content and makes it instantly recognizable.

But before people’s favorite product can be found in stores, it already has quite a journey behind it! To make sure that the product arrives safely, we protect it with transport packaging like cardboard boxes, foils and anything else it needs for its journey to you!


High recycling quota – also regarding our transport packaging

A lot of cardboard and other transport packaging accumulates in our logistics center on a daily basis. But we don’t see this as trash, these are valuable raw materials! We already recycle more than half of our transport packaging and are constantly working on new concepts for the rest of the materials.

To ensure that the packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible and easy to recycle, we have set up a strict list of minimum requirements and desirable measures. In keeping with this, our suppliers are obliged to use the highest possible proportion of recycled and certified materials for their transport packaging.

Use of recyclates in our Beauty Shops

As soon as customers set foot in their drugstore, they can already see the CATRICE and essence shelves with all our new products. These so-called Beauty Shops have various inserts to ensure the best possible placement of your favorite products with their corresponding price tags. Together with our suppliers, we are increasingly working on using recycled materials to make these inserts.

For the 2020 Spring Season, we were already able to save around 13 tons of “Virgin Plastics”. Even more ecological: we are currently testing the possibility of collecting the discarded inserts and directly using them to produce new ones to ensure a closed loop of materials with short channels.

Trash2Treasure: old packaging with a new life

If recycling is a must for a sustainable future, upcycling is the obvious answer. There are countless creative ideas on how to turn old packaging into new treasures. To raise awareness for the great value in recyclable materials, a sister company of cosnova (no PB GmbH) launched the Trash2Treasure platform as a Social Business Initiative in 2019. Here, old advertising banners are turned into cool lampshades and nail polish bottles are turned into great material to make table tops, for example.

As mentioned before: trash is raw material in the wrong place – we bring it back to where it belongs.