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100% free of testing on animals!

cosnova stands for safe cosmetics without animal testing – and has done so consistently since our foundation in 2001.

We cooperate exclusively with partners that also work completely without testing on animals. PETA has put us on their official list of "cosmetics without animal testing" because of this.


Vegan whenever possible

But to us, the welfare of animals means so much more. We are reducing the use of ingredients derived from animals and use vegan substances wherever possible. The Clean ID range by CATRICE, for example, is 100% vegan.


100% safe

Our products are guaranteed to be safe and non-toxic., because every single one of our products receives a detailed safety evaluation from our experts We have proven that this can be done in a cruelty-free way, even before the statutory prohibitions came into effect.

There are some ingredients that may be tested on animals under the REACH chemicals regulation and later appear in cosmetics products. However, this only applies if their actual area of use is not in the field of cosmetics.


Consistently transparent

Testing on animals has been banned in the EU for a long time. In spite of this fact, many people still believe that make-up, lipstick & co. are tested on animals. To change this, we use social media and other channels to provide transparent information about animal welfare.