cosnova & die Initiative „Mülltrennung wirkt“

cosnova & the “Mülltrennung wirkt” initiative

A used-up nail polish, an empty mascara - off to the residual waste? Stop! Empty cosmetics packaging is a good raw material for recycled material, so-called recyclates, if they are disposed of correctly. How do you do that? The initiative "Mülltrennung wirkt” (waste separation works) of the dual systems knows how. We have teamed up with them to explain how you should separate and dispose of your empty makeup or nail polish bottles, tubes, folding boxes and the like - for more recycling and a better material cycle.

Improving recycling with your help

Vials, caps, pumps, brushes, scrapers, or other applicators - many product packages consist of a multitude of individual parts and sometimes even different materials. If we separate the materials of the empty packaging and dispose of them correctly, many recyclable materials can be saved and the quality of the recyclate improved. That's why we need your help to make our efforts to improve the recyclability of our product packaging work.

How to separate waste: Tips
Where do empty nail polish bottles or mascaras go? Together with “Mülltrennung wirkt”, we provide answers to this or other questions about proper waste separation. We have developed easy-to-understand visuals that show you how to dispose of empty cosmetics packaging correctly: Glass packaging (e.g. empty nail polish bottles) belongs in the glass container; paper and cardboard in the paper bin. All other packaging should be disposed of in the yellow bin / yellow bag.

Separating packaging components correctly
It is also important to note that individual components of cosmetics packaging which can be separated by hand (lids, protective films, pumps, etc.) should first be removed from the bottles, tubes or jars and then disposed of separately in designated bins. By doing so, you contribute to recycling as many valuable materials as possible and thus keeping them in the materials cycle.

About “Mülltrennung wirkt”

"Mülltrennung wirkt" is an initiative of the dual systems in Germany. The aim is to educate people about proper waste separation, dispel misconceptions and myths about recycling, and motivate as many people as possible to join in. Only if everyone separates their waste correctly, packaging can be recycled, effectively protecting our climate and resources.

You can find more information about the "Mülltrennung wirkt" initiative here:


Mülltrennung wirkt

Our goal for packaging

The aim of the packaging pillar of our corporate responsibility strategy is to generally avoid the unnecessary use of resources and use environmentally friendly materials.

Packaging protects our products and makes them distinctive. We are guided by three main aspects: