cosnova launches its own content production

With studio_c, cosnova is launching its own, in-house content studio in the summer of 2022, thus laying the groundwork for a "product and content first beauty company".

In the summer of 2022, cosnova will be transforming its Content Production into Social Entertainment. More than 10,000 content pieces are to be produced in-house each year in the company's own studio_c, located not far from the company headquarters in Sulzbach.

From now on, cosnova not only wants to be "best in class", but also to react to the various new trends and requirements on its channels quicker and in an even more up-to-date way. "The need for fast but unique content has once again increased significantly," says Thorsten Mühl, Director Digital Marketing & Experiences at cosnova. "Content is the big differentiator for us. With studio_c, we can creatively and strategically cover the various platforms and channels with on-trend, brand and channel-relevant material – with agility, professionalism and on a large scale. Especially when it comes to Content Production for Social Media, also in relation to Social Entertainment in a 9:16 format, the in-house pro-duction opens up completely new opportunities for us to translate beauty into content," Mühl explains.


Product and content first

With the opening of studio_c, cosnova is shifting the priority of the content onto the product level and moving from a "product first" to a "product and content first beauty company". Accordingly, the new studio_c will have its own place of business, just like the company's products. The premises are only a few minutes' walk from the cosnova headquarters in Sulzbach.

On an area of around 600m², there will be various studios with different backdrops, a backstage area, a make-up area and an integrated co-working space for colleagues from the head office. studio_c stands for a separate world that offers the technical and visual conditions for the most diverse types of shoots and campaigns. Sara Coverly, previously the Head of Creative Solutions at cosnova, will take over the management of the new content studio. "studio_c is one of cosnova's major transformation projects. It will play a key role in defining the future of communication for our essence and CATRICE brands," says Coverly. "With our own content studio, we will be able to create cross-functional, cross-brand as well as data-supported content and do so in a way that is as unbureaucratic and hierarchy-free as possible. Here, we will have the relevant expertise to set impulses on all communication channels and to create target group-oriented content directly on site," the future Head of studio_c is pleased to report.

In 2022, the focus of the new team will be on "fast content" for social networks and web-based content for the e-shops. However, there will still be collaborations with agencies.

Shared Leadership

In addition to Head of Sara Coverly, three other leaders from the company are involved in the strategic management of the lighthouse project. Thorsten Mühl will contribute his expertise in the areas of digital and social with regard to trends, formats and platforms. Isabelle Scheich Bandar, Director CATRICE, and Kristin Jaskolka, Global Brand Director essence cosmetics, will each contribute with the strategic orientations and productions of the essence and CATRICE brands. This modern version of shared leadership allows the team to consider important decisions from all perspectives relevant to the company as well as the brands and to apply trends to the individual products in a way that is suitable for the respective platforms.
In future, large campaigns will be realised both externally and internally at studio_c. "As a company, we can offer the opportunity to produce scalable content for global channels extremely creatively, quickly and in line with the current zeitgeist," Coverly explains. "The first employees will start their jobs in July. For the time being, a team of around ten is planned, consisting of content creators, photographers, videographers, a copywriter and a studio manager." Following a successful start, the project will be expanded: "Of course, we are always on the lookout for creative minds who are up to this exciting challenge", says Thorsten Mühl.